Tribees’ mission is to deliver technologies that create real solutions to heal our planet, support communities, children and preserve ancient cultures. 

5 Step

Pathway to a sustainable planet


The fastest way to heal our oceans, rivers, lakes, forests and the air we breathe is via our collective shopping behaviour.


Tribees is working with retailers and manufacturers all over the world to develop a sustainable economy for the Planet.

We call it Planet Tribees.

Planet Tribees is a global shopping platform that only promotes ethical products and services that are sustainable, green, animal friendly.

To support Planet Tribees, we’re launching a new kind of Social Network for the changemaker generation; a platform that reinforces your values of ethics and online privacy.

We believe this generation will change the world for the better, if given the opportunity to lead and be heard.

Tribees provides the platform you need to make your voice heard.

A platform that represents your values and gives you the online privacy you deserve

We have just 10 years to repair our dying planet before it’s too late.


As consumers we are a powerful force for change.

Because the way we shop shapes our impact on our planet.

When we shop ethically, we use our money to vote for our values. Together we can change the status quo and create a better, cleaner, fairer world for everyone.


Gen Z is the Green Gen.


The good news for humanity and the planet is that Gen Z are leading the way in being conscious and ethical shoppers.

Over 70% of millennials are happy to pay more for sustainably produced goods and there is an increasing trend to support brands that align with their values and ditch those that don’t.

Gen Z is influencing their parents to do the same. When we donate money to charity, we expect it to be used for good.

Imagine if all the money we spend, also had a positive impact on the world.

How much of your money is currently going to huge corporations that don’t support your values and beliefs?

Our collective buying power can demand goods from sources practicing fair wages, investing in communities, are ethical and eco-friendly.

Refuse to settle for less. It’s simple supply and demand. And we demand better.

So, let’s all start voting for the planet by shopping ethically, and force the industry to change for good.

The impact of ethical consumerism is huge, and it’s only getting bigger. We’re seeing the proof already.


How does Tribees support Gen Z to shop with Planet Tribees?


By giving you something extraordinary.

Planet Tribees is supercharged when combined with the Tribees Social Network.

At the heart of our Social Network, is the world’s first multi-shutter camera app for the planet.


Packed with features to simplify your life. It’s the solution to organising the thousands of photos on your phone and so much more.

Instantly snap and sort your photos.
Create and collaborate on custom albums.
Connect and share content with those you trust.
Securely back your content to the cloud.
Instant messaging with end-to-end encryption.
Keep your online privacy safe.

No data mining. No ads. No algorithms. No BS.


So, let’s talk about online privacy.


Everyone wants their social media free. But as we all know nothing is ever FREE.

Did you know?

The biggest cost to a social network is in the storage of its user’s data and real-time sharing of information between users.

All this data storage and sharing of information takes place over physical servers. Servers are a bunch of computers that hold vast amounts of information.

Another name for all these servers is the cloud. Cloud servers consume almost 20% of the world’s electricity.

The cloud costs the biggest social media companies billions of dollars to run.

Someone has to pay the bill.

This is why the most popular social media companies sell your personal data to 3rd party companies.

Your online privacy pays their cloud costs.

At Tribees we have developed a subscription model whereby our members pay a small monthly fee to help pay these massive server costs.

As a result, Tribees has no need to sell your personal data to 3rd party companies.

At Tribees our members retain true online privacy, which other companies would otherwise sell to 3rd parties.


Furthermore, Tribees takes 50% of all the profits generated from the subscription model to re-invest back into the planet, children and ancient cultures.


When Tribees members purchase goods and services via Planet Tribees, Tribees members earn rewards, real dollars that offset their monthly fee.

So, you have two choices:

Pay your Tribees monthly subscription fee with your credit card, or shop with Planet Tribees.

Because the products we purchase shape our planet.

If Tribees had the same number of users as Instagram, Facebook, TikTok or Snapchat…

Our collective shopping behaviour would dramatically reshape our planet to be more sustainable for everyone, now and in the future.

We would also be pumping billions of dollars into new innovations, solutions and ideas that help repair our dying planet.

If governments aren’t going to move fast enough, it’s up to us to take action.

Together we can do big things.

The answer is in the palm of our hands.

Join the Tribe.