Tribees supports the world we want.

We are a tech-nature company delivering technologies that create real solutions to heal our planet, support communities, children and preserve ancient cultures.

Tribees Marketplace is the one-stop platform for planet-friendly products.

Shifting our collective shopping habits is our last chance at a sustainable future.

The products we purchase, shape our planet.

Our collective shopping behaviour can be a force for good.

Purchase a product. Heal the planet.

Products sold on the Tribees Marketplace contribute to projects making a positive impact to the planet.

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Vote for the planet with your wallet. Track your impact. Heal the planet.
Vote for the planet with your wallet
Track your environmental impact
Shop ethical brands under one roof
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Tribees wishes to acknowledge the original Clans of the 13 rivers (Budtherum-Dreaming) of the Bundjalung nation, all custodians and caretakers of the east coast “first light dreaming” as well as All Original nations coast to coast on country.