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Products purchased on the Tribees Marketplace contribute to projects making a positive impact on the planet.

Our vision for a sustainable future.

50% of our profits are invested into projects that support the planet, empower children and preserve ancient cultures.

Track your impact. See real change.

Your shopping choices can accelerate positive environmental change. Get a snapshot of the positive impact on our Projects Dashboard.

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    Products on Tribees Marketplace are accredited with planet-friendly certifications, so you can shop knowing you are making a difference.

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      Shop for products that support Ocean Preservation, Sustainable Fashion, Conscious Beauty, Food Security and Language Preservation.

      Become a shopper for the planet.

      Reach new customers thanks to Ambassadors on our platform endorsing your planet-friendly products to their followers on your behalf.
      Connect with Ambassadors and influencers to put your products in front of their passionate followers
      Expand your target market of loyal customers
      Increase sales through referrals and endorsements

      Connecting ethical brands with next generation shoppers.

      In 2023, the sustainability of your products is vital to them being recommended or avoided.

      Your vendor store on Tribees Marketplace aligns itself with global changemakers to promote sustainability and attract passionate shoppers.

      The shopping power of Gen Z

      of the population are Gen Z

      They directly buy over 40% of all online purchases.

      of purchases in the home are influenced by Gen Z

      Within their parent's home.

      of Gen Z support brands aligned with their values

      Sustainable and ethical.

      Accelerate positive environmental change.

      Encourage brands to create sustainable products.
      Be part of a global movement to support the planet with every purchase.

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