Tribees is a tech-nature company.

Our mission is to deliver technologies that create real solutions to heal our planet, support communities, empower children and preserve ancient cultures.

The driving force behind Tribees is the fact that we only have 7 years left to dramatically turn things around.
If we do nothing, it will not only effect future generations but also billions of lives today.
For the past 8 years, a dedicated team of world-class developers, designers and industry experts have been working day and night, creating innovative technologies that are about to disrupt everything we know about our shopping behaviour and social media.

Tribees has built a global network of investors and partners and secured a US Patent for the Camera technology.
Tribees’ mission is to unite the change makers from all generations to come together as one global tribe, to help repair our planet via our collective shopping behaviour.

We’ve developed a new sustainable economy for the planet. One that works with nature and not against it.

Together we can do big things. We hope you’ll join us.

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